Most Popular Events
Times When You Want to Impress
Corporate Events
We provide quality options for any corporate event for any meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktail hours, etc. Whatever you need we can deliver.
At Home
We create special menus for at-home dinner parties, when you want to impress, but don't have the time to cook. We offer an elegant and simple solution
Of course, we do weddings. But, we do weddings for foodies. If you are known for loving good food, you won't want to serve your guests anything less than the best.
Cocktail or Networking
We offer a wide variety of options for hors d'oeuvres and other light fares that are perfect for after-work gatherings, networking sessions, or before a hosted event.
These are typically made-to-order events that are planned with the gala producer. Hopefully, as we exit our COVID crisis, galas will once again be a major part of people's lives.
We offer a wide variety of standard packages for local events or other meetings during the day. These consist of lighter-fare items and tend to be our most standardized.
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